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I have worked with Yosi on several events. Not only is she wonderfully talented, she is very organized, detailed, and works very hard to create memorable events for her clients. Every event I have had, my Vision just comes to life beyond words! She has a fun personality as well! I’d definitely recommend her for your event!

Rebecca Thompson

F & M events is absolutely amazing. They brought my vision to life with little to no direction. Their customer service and professionalism is impeccable. Worth every penny. I can’t wait for my next event. I know I will not be disappointed. Thank you for always putting your client’s needs first.

Priscilla Ortiz
Perfectly Styled & Sweet

If you are looking for a party planner who is professional, creative, and detailed...Search no more. I used Yosie for my daughter's Sweet 16. I had a theme in mind, but she helped me bring it to life. She sketched out the backdrop that was custom made and she also sketched out the cake table to give me an idea of what we could do. The theme was an all white Havana theme. I still remember walking into the venue and feeling the warmth of all of the palms and perfect lighting, very tropical. Having her also coordinate the event allowed me to truly enjoy this special day. I can't thank her enough because my daughter's party was exactly how we had envisioned. She truly is amazing at what she does!!!

Rhina Lopez
Beauty By Rhina

I love every part of hiring Yosi from F and M Events. I express my vision on all my events and parties, and she always suggest her design expertise to the top level of expectations. Also keeps me on check, with my budget that was discussed from our first intial meetings. All great things to have F and M Events as your main source of event planning and designs on your side.

Lisa Dominguez
Spa O On The Go

I have worked with Yosi on several events, not only is she wonderfully talented she is very organized, detailed and works very hard to create memorable events for her clients. Every event I have had my Vision just comes to life beyond words! She has a fun personality as well! I’d definitely recommend her for your event!

Iris Kelly
Beyond Linen Rentals

"It was a day we will never forget. The attention to details by F & M Events was truly amazing from beginning to end."

Mark & Miriam

Three words! Attention to Detail! If you want the best hire the best! Yosi and her team are professional, friendly, hardworking and get the job done! On your special day you want only the best taking care of you! I have hired her for over 10 different events, from my bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, three children’s baptism and first birthday to my parents 50th birthday! She does it all and does it great! Thank you F&M!

Elizabeth Peralta

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Managing Work & Mom Life!

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I am a Mother Hustler! 

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As an entrepreneur, & a mother that was raised in the millennial generation, I feel I'm always being tortured with high expectations, joys, demands, judgments and revelations. Side Note: Millennials have been characterized in a number of different ways. On the negative side, they've been described as lazy, narcissistic and prone to jump from job to job. Well Excuse me, I am the total opposite of these negative characteristics! Click Here for all the positive attributes we have! With the longest list of goals & too little time to accomplish them, I always feel overwhelmed. Yet, regardless of the madness of my business and my personal life, I feel absolutely certain about a few things: I OWN MY AGE! I'm 35 years old, Mother of 2 owner & founder of F & M Events, & CTC Workshop also working on starting my Business classes. There is no age limit to when you can start your business, with or without having children, there are pros to being able to work for yourself & stay home and attend to your kids. You can coordinate your own schedule, you don’t have to miss out on any milestones, you can do as you please.  From one perspective, this makes me a tremendous success story, from another perspective, I am in over her head. When I say I own my age this is what I mean, although I started young in motherhood & in business, there are a ton of opportunities and challenges that come with this. Sometimes I work with people older than me, & they may assume or think I have no clue what I’m doing.. My thought is Yes, I am 35 years old, but I am also much more than that. I am a natural leader. And I am fully capable of steering a company and it’s workforce into the future.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]WHAT I LOVE!  Even as the mother of two children, I'm not afraid to say that I LOVE WORKING. In this country-these words don't exactly roll off the tongue. Sure, work may be necessary. It may feel like a chore or a duty. But, if it takes you from the responsibilities and joys of home and family, how could a woman possibly love it? How could she possibly want more of it? In many ways directly and indirectly, I encounter this negative attitude on a regular basis from certain people. The often-implied implication is that mothers who are ambitious and passionate about their full-time careers are somehow less invested in their family's well-being. It may be 2020, but this sentiment is apparently the norm for some people, I still do often get the common questions "How do you manage it all?", “How do you make time for your kids?” etc. etc. But some people actually cheer for us Momprenuers...Me, Myself & I for Example, I will be your Number 1 Cheerleader! I LOVE hard working Mommas, we are taking over!   Learn how to FLIP THE SWITCH-LIKE DRAKE!! It took years to balance personal life & my business, now I try to make sure when I’m home, I’M HOME. Because I work hard during the week & INCREDIBLY hard most weekends, so my weeknights are with my family, & sometimes friends. There are always emails and texts that need to be checked, but while when I’m home I try to set the phone aside and I close the laptop. It’s like flipping the switch, from work mode, to home mode.  Its easy, try it, walk into your home, flip the switch and suddenly everything is different. It may sound stupid, but it helps to have a physical anchor that reminds us we're no longer under the pressure of work. At home, you should be lighter and more present. There should be a respect at home for our families, & this is created after some time.  I run my entire business from the living room and have no separation between these two competing aspects of my life. It took a toll on my well-being, as an individual and as a family, and I learned my lesson. I can finally say that today, my home is my sacred space - free from the endless notifications of my professional life, it really helps you stay sane. I’m thankful for being able to  work from home & also enjoy my home, but I'm relieved to know that home will continue to be our safe haven as the future comes, both as business and as a family. Side Note: According to recent research by the Kauffman Foundation, the average age of an American entrepreneur is 40 years old. So guess what I still have a few years to really get my shit together, by then I hope to be where I want to be financially & lead an even bigger business, while I sit my ass home! 

Click Here to View/Purchase all the Shirts we launched, & Wear it proudly! 

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What is Support?


Why is it hard to show support to your Friends & Family? Is it your duty to support your friends?

Honestly, No it’s not your duty, but it should be important to you as their friend or family, to show them support as best as you can especially in today’s world! When it comes to them creating, sharing and pursuing their dreams, you should be front and center, cheering them on, it shouldn’t be only when they ask you to. Unfortunately, I know so many artists, entrepreneurs, innovators, teachers, etc. who don't get the support that they need and deserve from the people who say that they love and support them the most. It’s too often I see so many creatives trying to find the support that they need even though they have “many” friends. And quite frankly, it makes NO sense to me. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had this conversation with people in my own industry & just Entrepreneurs in general. People are so quick to support the well-known famous artists that they don’t even know personally, before showing up for the entrepreneur in their immediate or not so immediate circle.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

My question is Why not? Why not support your loved ones?

How can you claim to be someone's friend and not support, but you’re quick to spend your dollars, time, energy, and support to someone you don't know at all? It's beyond me & it truly pisses me off. I used to stay quiet but I just don’t even care to offend anyone cause if this offends you then you know this message is for you! As their friend & family, you should be beyond proud to, firstly, have them as your friend, & to have a friend that is going after what they were put in this world to do! You get to see the struggle, the growth, the failures & all the triumphs first hand, that is something you yourself should be proud of! You get the "behind the scenes" footage into their life & work. You see the progress and that alone should inspire you to SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS. Then again "Maybe people don't know how they can support their friends".[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

To make it easier I'll share a few reasons and ways to show support below:


  1. Believe it or not, being an Entrepreneur is HARRRRD AF! We are basically giving our all for everyone to see over and over again, and sometimes it goes unnoticed!
  2. It takes A LOT of guts to share our passion, to follow and pursue our dreams, to fall on our faces and get back up again.
  3. They are your FRIENDS (Enough Said)


  1. LISTEN to them, READ their work, POST their achievements, SHARE their business pages, BLAST their Music, TRY their Products, PROVIDE Feedback, GET invested... PHYSICALLY ACT LIKE YOU CARE!
  2. Share their work!
    •  You can "repost" on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram & that’s FREE!
  3. Stop Asking for Discounts/Free Work – “NO MORE FREE SHIT” 
    • If you value the work or art, why are you asking for discounts? Chances are, your friend feels conflicted about charging you anyway. Help them help themselves.
  4. Hire Them. 
    • If money is an issue, when you finally get the money to support their business, art, etc., Hire Them! Treat them as the professionals that they are.
  5. Believe in and Encourage Them. 
    • To hear from a friend, "I see you. I believe in you. I support you. You're doing great. You're growing. You're learning. You'll get up again." Means the WORLD.
  6. Support them more than you would a well-known person. 
    • Why is it so easy to support artists and businesses that you have no personal connection to whatsoever? You have some dope friends: businesswomen/men, hair stylists, make-up artists, writers, photographers, professionals, event planners and coordinators, videographers, counselors, designers, dancers, technicians... all in your own circle.  Why not represent them just as hard?
[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]For all of my fellow entrepreneurs, artists, businesses, and everything in between; we need to support one another. If anyone knows the struggle, it's us. There is enough room for all of us to make it, especially when we link together and use all of our resources.

I can’t stress this enough, please, support your friends. It's so vital and so important. If you really believe in them and love their craft, show them!



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